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Welcome to Milk Photography Studio Auckland

We are award-winning family photography studio, dedicated to delivering you absolutely beautiful artwork, albums and collections that your family will cherish forever.

To create a bespoke experience for each of our families, we meet with just a select number of clients each week. This means we can put our time into discussing your ideas and expectations before your session, so we can make sure we’re the best family photographers for you.

Step 1 - Book your family photography session

Knowing what styles you like (and don’t like!) is the key to getting images you truly love. Take a look at our work and figure out which style you like most – you can find our most recent work on Facebook and Instagram, some awesome inspiration on our blogs too

As you look through the photos, it’s a great opportunity to work out if you prefer the studio look or on location best. There is a great article on our blog which will help identify what works best for your family and the aesthetic of your home.

Once you’ve decided which you prefer, we can chat over the phone about what to expect, and start planning your family portrait session.

Before we book your session we charge your session fee –

  • $200 for a weekday booking
  • $300 for a weekend booking
  • $200 cake smash booking
  • $300 newborn session fee
  • $300 location fee
  • $700 Milk Mini session (speak to us to find out if this is suitable)

This covers our photographer’s time, editing and creative input into your photographs and products *All products are purchased additionally apart from a Milk mini, which is designed for a quick update and includes your session fee+digitals.

Before booking with us, please make sure to speak to your partner, all grandparents and people involved about a suitable time and date that works, keep in mind when your children are in their best mood and have slept well.

Booking with a gift voucher

If you have a gift voucher to use, we require a $100 deposit at booking to secure your date.

Please note that these deposits are non-refundable and are used toward products (digital packages, albums, artworks, collections) on the day of your design consultation. If you wish to go on location the $150 fee is kept as a location fee.

Alternatively if wanting to book a Mini with the voucher $200 is taken off the total as this is a combined session with digitals

Please make sure you have read the terms so you understand how your voucher works.

Step 2 - Before your session

A successful portrait session comes down to preparation. Make some time to research the type of shots you love – send us some inspiration of photos you like from our website, or elsewhere! If you have a pic of your family, send that through too. It helps us plan the portrait session, interactions, and setting.

Another handy tip is to take a photo of the wall space where you think your portrait might hang. This can help us with the layout of your photos, which we discuss further at your design consultation. Take a look at the stunning products we can create for you.

Please make sure you’ve read the booking letter we email you, before your session – there’s valuable information in there. Please also sign the terms and conditions, which are included in the booking letter.

Step 4 - Your design consultation

Where the magic all comes together! As part of your booking we invite you back to our studio for a design consultation. This enjoyable session is like a private screening for you and your family, and it is essential to view your photos. Normally we show you around 30 of your best photos, depending on which shoot you have booked.

This design consultation is your opportunity to choose the images you love and any artworks or albums you want created. Parents are often overwhelmed at how much they love their photos, so we find it’s pretty important for both parents to be there to make a decision together, as this design consultation only happens once.

We will help guide you in selecting the best artworks or collections for your home. Our products are real works of art and come finished and ready for the wall.

If you have a specific wall in mind you want to fill, make sure you’ve sent us a photo so we can accurately work out the sizing during this design consultation.

  • Milk minis start at $700 (ideal for smaller budgets)
  • Individual framed artwork starts at $700
  • Digital file packages start at $995
  • Albums and portrait boxes are a great option for other family members, or if you’re low on wall space. These start at $1700 and come with matching digital files.

We also offer finance options, take a look at Q card and Q card long-term finance If you’d like the option of finance, you’ll need to fill out the paperwork before your session

Step 5 - Pick up your artwork

Approximately 2-4 weeks after your session, your digital file packages or artworks will be ready to collect or be sent to you.

Our artworks and albums are beautiful quality, all produced in New Zealand by talented photographic printers and framers. For over 10 years our products have always exceeded our clients’ expectations.

As soon as we have your artwork back, we’ll be in touch about pickup or delivery.

To make the most out of your experience, please read our FAQs and T&Cs page.

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