Photography Session info

What does my gift voucher include?

All our gift vouchers are different our $400 gift vouchers cover your session fee and credit to spend towards our products.

Weekday sessions $200 giving you $200 towards your artwork

Weekend sessions $250 giving you $150 towards your artwork

Our $500 gift vouchers cover your session and an 8x12 print with any purchase of artwork or digital package.

Not only does the voucher advise you what you have, but the letter also clearly states what your voucher entitles you too.

Please read our terms for vouchers here.

What to wear

Simple, casual clothes- the plainer the better. Jeans and a white or grey T-shirt always look good; please avoid clothing featuring words, logos, and pictures as it can be very distracting. Pack outfits that make you feel good and bring along personal items that have sentimental value.

Our absolute favourite clothing designers for kids are and we do have quite a few outfits here for kids, we can chat about this over the phone.

If you're booked for a newborn session, please bring a change of clothing for yourself as well as your child, in case of accidents.

For newborn and pregnancy sessions, Dads must bring a plain white T-shirt or singlet.

The most important thing is to be yourselves and feel comfortable. Pack outfits that make you feel good and bring along personal items that mean a lot to you.


The best time to photograph a pregnancy is from 33 to 36 weeks when your tummy is visibly round. Bring your children and your partner if you can, as this will make for extra-special shots. Please come prepared with a selection of nude-coloured underwear – we’ll provide a selection of beautiful fabrics and maternity dresses. You could also consider booking our make-up artist too.

After your session, you might like to tentatively book in your newborn session to secure a space with us. Or simply opt for our Bumps & Babes package, which covers both occasions.


The best time to capture newborns is within their first two weeks, ideally when they’re five to 10 days old – book a tentative appointment well in advance so we can secure a place for you. The younger a baby is, the more relaxed and sleepy they’ll be, which allows greater scope for artistic poses. We have lots of gorgeous props we can add to the shoot – simply let us know which you prefer. And if you have any special blankets, toys or sentimental items, bring them in. These newborn photography sessions typically run for up to two hours.

Five to nine months

The best time to visit us is after your baby has learned to sit up – it’ll make for a fun-filled session! We have all the props you need right here, but you’re welcome to bring along any items of sentimental value. Our baby photography sessions typically run for thirty minutes.

Fifteen months to two years

Toddlers ensure super-fun, action-packed shoots. To ensure the best outcome, please arrange your booking around their sleep times. Forward planning and being well-organised will enable us to get the shots we need in around 20 minutes. Just bring some snacks and a drink to keep your toddler happy, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Three years and over

We have everything you need for a child photoshoot and will keep your little ones happily entertained. These sessions typically run for up to thirty minutes and produce incredible results – many of our favourites are hung on the walls at our studio!


There’s nothing sweeter than babies and dogs, though both prone to slobbering! For many parents, the family dog was their first 'baby' so it makes perfect sense to capture the two together.

New environments tend to excite dogs, so please try to ensure yours is relaxed on arrival.

Your dog will benefit hugely benefit from a walk around the block or a game of fetch before your pet photography session. Have a few treats on hand to encourage their cooperation – it’s a trick that works with toddlers too!

If you live rurally and would like to include farm animals in your photos – fantastic. We love to shoot on location and will come to you.

Design consultation

After your session, we’ll book you in for a 60 to 90-minute cinematic presentation of your images. Your order must be placed at this time, so please invite any family members who may like to see the images before you make your selection (so we have your full attention, we recommend leaving your little ones with family or a babysitter). It’s imperative that anyone involved in the decision-making attends this appointment; if for any reason someone can't attend, we ask that you kindly reschedule. Please note that all our appointments require 48 hours’ notice to reschedule. If you require a second design consultation to complete your order, a fee of $200 applies.

We offer credit card facilities and accept online banking, cheque or cash. Payment plans are also available on payment of a 30% deposit. We recommend that you get pre-approval – please speak to us about completing this form.

If you hold a gift certificate, please note: If you cancel or reschedule your design consultation without 48 hours’ notice, a fee of $100 applies and will be deducted from the value of your certificate.

Session fees and payments

Your session fee must be paid at the time of your booking and is non-refundable. This secures your appointment with us and prevents us from making any other bookings for this time. For this reason, in the event that the client cancels their appointment for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by the photographer in order to offset the loss of business.

If you would like us to schedule a makeup and hair stylist this must be paid at the time of booking and is non-refundable, if session is cancelled your makeup is not refundable.

No person under the age of 18 years may purchase goods. We'll look forward to seeing you again when you're over 18.

These terms and conditions regulate the business relationship between you and us. By using our services in any way, or by buying from us, you agree to be bound by them.


When you book and confirm an appointment, we set aside precious studio time and staff resources for your photography session and design consultation. We ask that you therefore do us the courtesy of providing at least 48 hours’ notice of any cancellation or postponement, not only for our benefit but also so other clients’ appointments don’t get disrupted. We understand that rescheduling can be required due to illness or unexpected events, but we do ask for your cooperation and understanding in upholding this policy so all our clients can benefit from the same level of service and customer focused attention we pride ourselves on providing.

Please be advised that failure to provide adequate notice of a cancellation or multiple rescheduling will result in the forfeiture of your session fees, and another session fee payment will be required to hold your new date. If you hold a gift certificate and fail to provide 48 hours’ notice of cancellation or postponement, we will deduct our standard studio session and/or design consultation fee from the value of the gift certificate.