Additional products

Portrait boxes

Our luxury portrait boxes are a wonderful way to display those special moments – especially in rooms where space is restricted; arrange them on a coffee table, shelf or bookcase. They also make excellent gifts and can be purchased individually or as collections – the more you choose, the more cost-effective they become. Available in a range of colours and sizes, they can accommodate up to 12 images.

Wooden circles

We also offer handmade circular photo blocks that are beautifully crafted with a rustic and organic finish. Easy to hang and perfect for temporary hanging situations, they’re a fun and playful addition to children's rooms and casual living spaces. Choose a size that suits: from 30 to 60cm in diameter.

Gift certificates

Gift certificates are a gorgeous gift for a family member or special friend. Gift certificates are the simplest, quickest way to send something special.

We offer $400, $500 $800 gift vouchers, or we can make up a value that you require. Click this link to find out more.