Why do we get professional family photos done?

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On location family photos with Megan and Lauryn Pearce

Remember all those photo albums you had as a child of your one pet? Wouldn't it be great to actually get that winning photo of your favourite pet, frame it and put it on display for everyone to admire? It alarms me that we all had those special photos growing up, but we just never managed to get round to actually print it, frame it and put on display. This is where Milk Photography Studio Auckland come in...

There is nothing more special then heading out of Auckland on location and photographing families in their own environment. Especially when their gorgeous pets are part of the session. I am a lover of goats, all animals for that matter, so you can imagine the excitement of the phone call from Kelly, when I found out there was a pet goat at their farm, even though I was under strict instructions that the horses were the priority, lol.

I could not let this gorgeous moment pass, Lauryn and Billy T having a smooch.

Choosing the time of day to photograph families and children is imperative for the whole photographic process. I generally photograph families around 6-630pm when the sun isn't as harsh. Of course this totally depends on the time of year and the family for that matter.

As you may be aware I'm very fond of my black and whites, there's something far more emotive about a photograph when its converted into black and white, the depth and tonal range to a photo I find creates a sense of nostalgia.

The beauty of going on location is the setting of the scene, the magical light that can come and go. Some children even parents are far more comfortable in their own environment so it's a perfect option if you're not overly keen on a studio photography session. Also it's pretty hard to get a goat and horse up my stairs in Eden Terrace.

Another gorgeous moment of Megan and Billy T the goat, such a special moment, captured perfectly.

Capturing all parts of the scene is just as important as the whole scenery, I love all the intricate details of animals, makes for beautiful artwork.

Definitely have a think about what sets the scene for you as a family. Is there a special holiday home you've always wanted to have some gorgeous photos at? We travel all over New Zealand, this keeps Sarah on her toes and excited about new territory.

Thank you again Kelly, Megan and Lauryn, some beautiful memories captured for your walls, and some gorgeous photos that can now be added to my gallery.

Thank you again Sarah xx