What to expect when booking newborn photos with Milk Photography Studio Auckland

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Newborn photos with Milk photography Studio

Are you expecting parents and wondering if a newborn session is what you’re after?

Let our Auckland specialists in newborn and family photography capture this special time in your life. Newborn photography is art, something mastered through the countless families that have entrusted us to capture their special memories. Check out some of our work here : https://www.milkphotography.co.nz/work/newborn

A relaxed newborn session to remember

At Milk Photography Studio we are perfectionist’s and dedicate our time to delivering you only the best family photos. Our aim as baby and family photographer's is to keep each photo shoot relaxed and stress free for everyone. We spend quite a while over the phone before your newborn session to identify the look and feel you’re after. It’s important to us you have stunning art works for family and friends to admire in your home. We usually allow 1. 5 – 3 hours for newborn photos, there’s a fair amount of feeding and nappy changing, believe me the time flies during these sessions, this time can vary also with your babies temperament. You will receive a booking letter before your family photography session advising what to expect before your session.

To understand the process more take a read here https://www.milkphotography.co.nz/the-experience

When to book?

We advise booking a newborn photography session in advance to avoid disappointment. This is a tentative booking that can easily be moved if necessary. The best time to have newborn photos is within the first 14 days of birth. This is the sleepy stage which is ideal for achieving artistic poses. Many newborns in this time frame haven’t gone through the baby acne stage, so this can be another advantage at this age. In saying that we’ve successfully managed to get babies into gorgeous poses past this age.

Sometimes I say it’s best to book as soon as you remember, as you know life gets in the way.We understand that babies don’t always arrive on their due date so it’s no problem if your newborn photos are rescheduled to a later date.

100 days photo shoots are quite popular also, this time frame isn’t newborn but a very popular milestone with some families.

If your baby suffers jaundice, best to wait a few days till this passes. We also advise to avoid caffeine a couple of days upto your newborn session, sometimes caffeine can make your newborn a little jumpy and tense.

Studio or in home family photography session

Milk Photography Auckland has a light and bright studio located on the North Shore of Auckland, Birkenhead. We are happy to take the newborn photos in the comfort of your own home if required, however let’s chat first to see what look you’re after and if it’s achievable.

Getting ready for your newborn portrait session

Make sure you keep your baby up as much as you can before your newborn photography session. Try bathing them and playing with them, all of this helps achieve sleeping photos. Feeding your baby two hours prior is ideal then again on arrival. Dress your baby in loose clothes so we don’t wake them during wrapping. Bring a spare bottle or two of expressed milk or formula if you can, this means we can top up baby while they’re in a pose and avoid disturbing them.We advise parents and family to dress light as the room is kept quite warm to keep your baby asleep throughout their session. Burping your little one before you travel in the car will help avoid excess gas during their session. Don’t stress too much about scratches as we can edit these out of the newborn photos.

During your newborn photography session

We advise to bring a pacifier along, this can really help soothe your baby to sleep. We encourage you to sit back relax and enjoy the experience. The studio is kept warm to ensure your baby is comfortable and sleepy for their session. We have plenty of props, wraps, flower crowns to choose from if you wish to have these in your session. We use natural light for our sessions, families tend to feel more comfortable with this, we love the softness it brings to our photos.

The way we photograph newborns is very natural, please keep in mind that not every baby is capable of any pose you may find, these sessions are baby-led. Let us know beforehand if you’re wanting to achieve specific photos and we’ll try our best. Newborn safety is important to us so we don’t want to put them into poses they’re uncomfortable with.

In a newborn photography session we’ll start with family photos then move onto siblings then Dad and the kids. After this point we ask Dad to take the older children/toddler away to a nearby park café as they become restless during this time. Please make sure to be organised with snacks and rewards for your children encase we need a bribe. We have a variety of dresses for older children speak to us prior about this or we recommend Jamie Kay or Karibou Kids.

After your newborn session

We’ll invite you back to view the photos taken from your newborn portrait session. We normally show around thirty photos for you to select from, in a variety of colour and black and white. We advise to allow a minimum of $1000 which can go towards art work or our albums/digital packages.

Price guide lines here https://www.milkphotography.co.nz/pricing

To understand how the whole experience works and price guidelines check it out here https://www.milkphotography.co.nz/the-experience