Photographing the Family Fur Babies

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Milk Photography loves your Dog

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If you know anything about the team at Milk Photography Studio Auckland you'll know we're head over heels in love with babies and dogs.

Our favourite thing about dogs is the unconditional love and loyalty they offer. We get all gooey when we think about the complete devotion they feel to their family. The truth is we can learn a lot from our dogs; for one they love us for our energy and attitude not our size or colour.


Honestly photographing dogs is no easy feat but it's a challenge we relish. After all your precious pets are part of the family and for many their dog was the first baby and has become a loving and protective older sibling. Why not show your dog how much you love them and book them in for their portraits at Milk Photography Studio Auckland?

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While it may seem way too difficult wrangling kids and animals into a successful photograph - keep in mind that our professional pet photographers are skilled and experienced at handling this very scenario. We apply a calm and loving approach to win the trust of the whole family including your dog.

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Whether you're including them in your family portrait photographs or bringing them in for their own portrait session, there are some things to consider.The session may take a little longer than usual but most dogs respond well to treats and praise as do children. We encourage you to relax and let us take the lead - sometimes literally. You may find your dog is more settled if he's had a chance to let off some steam at the park. As with your babies and kids do bring in your dog's favourite toy, blanket or treat.

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