Family Photos on location or at Milk Photography Studio Auckland

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What's best - family photos on location or at Milk Photography Auckland's studio?

So, what's the best option for taking family photos?- Lifestyle family photos captured in your home? Heading out on location? Or a session at the Milk Photography Studio with our Auckland family photographer?

There are a few things to consider when making this decision.....

Using a family photographer in the studio

If it's your first family photography session, we recommend a studio environment.

Here are some reasons why our Auckland baby and child photographers prefer studio the first time:

Toddlers are on the go, so you have to work exceptionally fast to capture them on camera. The last thing you want is them taking off mid shoot- they love investigating! Being in a more confined space means our Auckland child photographer can work with them in a contained environment, and spend more time shooting beautiful photos for you, rather than rounding them up on location!

Toddlers have a short attention span, so constant light is also important to get the best shots quickly. We also have a great range of outfits and props at Milk Photography Studio Auckland, little things like headbands, a tutu or toy can really add a special touch to a photo.

I love this family photo of Leni and Azlyn. You almost have to have eyes in the back of your head when you're a child photographer, as there are so many moments to catch. Getting this type of shot on location wouldn't have the right affect - the white studio background makes it stand out.

Tania and Leni have seen us from the beginning and it has been an absolute honour and truly special to be their baby, child and family photographer through each milestone.

Using a family photographer on location

But, now that Tania and Leni's kids are older and listen so well, on location is perfect for them as a family.

Auckland family photography is best done in the morning from 8-10am or 3-4pm, these hours are best for light.

Because of the harsh shadows and strong highlights on faces, the middle of the day is the worst time for child photography. Any later than 4pm we find kids start getting too cold and it shows on their faces! So, if those 8-10am and 3-4pm time slots don't work with your children's sleeps or energy levels, then studio photos are best.

Over summer though, my favourite time to shoot on location is around dinner time when the light is softer and has a beautiful ethereal look in photos (see the girls below). Lucky Tania's sister was able to run in and take the hair off the children's faces as it was quite windy, having an assistant is key!

Using a family photographer at home

If our Auckland family photographer is heading to your home, it's important that it's a warm space in the winter, especially if we're doing newborn photos. A clean and tidy home that has an abundance of available light is essential. There is something really special about photographing in someone's home - it creates a really natural environment that's special to the family.

When I saw this photo of new parents Claire and Mark and baby Spencer, I fell in love with it, and so did they!

New Zealand families are quite simple and natural in the style of photography they like - they're not after staged, cheesy photos looking at the camera, more just spontaneous, in-the-moment photos, which is what we're all about here at our Auckland Milk Photography Studio.

Often I find families can be a lot more relaxed in their own home, but at the end of the day it's whatever works for your family. A professional, experienced baby photographer should be able to adapt to any scenario. It's all about communicating with clients to find out their needs and style they're after.

Some of our favourite examples....

Breast feeding shots are really special to me, in fact almost as special as doing maternity photography. Make sure to get one of these during your newborn photos as the connection is so special.

A photo taken of baby Spencer 2 weeks captured by our Auckland newborn photographer.

Maternity photo of Marilyn taken by our Auckland pregnancy photographer

For maternity, as it's quite intimate, our Auckland pregnancy photographers prefer to shoot in studio. It's also perfect light for capturing black and white photos which are very flattering for pregnancy skin. The studio light is constant, not constantly changing with the weather.

With babies there are so many awesome shots you can get in a studio environment. Photographing toddlers with less distraction in the background makes their little personalities really shine, having a clean white background also highlights their features.

Baby Emma was on the go, being in the studio was essential as she kept running off. Our baby photographers know all the tricks to keep your baby happy during their photography session.

Here our some beautiful family lifestyle photos we took on location with Holly, Pete, Little J and Arabella. As I knew the set up in Holly's home I new that the photos would work well with their decor.

Baby Arabella newborn photo taken by our Auckland newborn photographer

Gorgeous moment of Holly and Arabella, taken by our Auckland newborn photographer

Pete and baby Arabella, taken by our Auckland newborn photographer

This is my little Godson Johnny - it's the perfect photo of his personality too. He has all his favourite toys, bed spread and construction book, all of which at this time of his life are really important things. To be able to take child photography like this, you have to get down on their level - in fact this was taken during a pillow fight with Daddy, Pete, below.

A moment with Daddy reading his favourite construction book taken by our Auckland family photographer.

Working with toddlers and juggling a newborn you need to work quick smart. We were juggling - toys, a bottle, and an i-pad to make sure we could keep Johnny focussed and excited to the end of his family photography session.

This photo was taken at Milk Photography studio.

Can you decide which style of photos you prefer? Family photography at Milk Photography studio or lifestyle family photos in your home or on location? Talk to us anytime and we can help you decide the best option for your family photographs.