Family Photographs with Annabel, Gerry, Mila Rose and Luella x

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Newborn family Photos with Annabel and Gerry

It was such a pleasure to head out to Annabel and Gerrys home in Auckland for their second newborn family photography session with us.

We took some gorgeous newborn photos at our Auckland studio of baby Mila Rose who is now a gorgeous big sister to Luella Mahoney Claudatos. Have a look bellow at some of the gorgeous photos we captured while out on location in Auckland and at our boutique photography studio in Auckland.

Taking photos of toddlers and newborn babies together can be a challenge, so you have to work quickly and proactively to be able to capture those special family photographs that can be treasured for ever.

Gorgeous family photo of Annabel Mila Rose, Gerry and Luella x

We advise to allow up to three hours for newborn photography sessions, you never know how the session will unfold on the day. A lot of this time is allowed to settle and feed your baby. While this is happening getting photos of siblings and other family members is imperative.

We just love taking macro photos, (beautiful close ups) of the hands, feet, lips and rolls, they make for a gorgeous series of photos in a frame.

It's imperative if we're out on location that there's plenty of available light and the house is warm enough, otherwise a newborn baby can wake easily.

I always like to spend a little time getting down to a toddlers level, giving them plenty of attention because that's exactly what they need, otherwise the shows over.

Daddy and daughter photos are the best, gorgeous photo taken of Mila Rose and Gerry

It was such a pleasure to have you back at Milk Photography Studio Annabel and Gerry, Mila Rose and Luella x