Family Photographs on Location

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Milk Photography Studio goes on Location

At Milk Photography Studio we are strong advocates for the clean lines and simplicity of photographing in studio - however we do also love to photograph on location. In Auckland we are spoilt for choice of beautiful backdrops on which to take your family portrait photographs .

From the wind swept beaches of the West Coast to the country charm of One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park many families have a spot that is significant to them. Or maybe you want your photographs taken in your home or garden, you may live on a farm and really want to include your animals - great news we love animals and consider them part of the family!

Recently Sarah had the pleasure of photographing the Sweetman-Jones family on their amazing country side property. The golden light and soft tones in these beautiful photographs are an perfect example of how photographing on location can be a dream!

EDT Bell and Matt Sweetman-Jones-58.jpg

Bell and Matt Sweetman-Jones-78.jpg

Bell and Matt Sweetman-Jones-43.jpg

Bell and Matt Sweetman-Jones-70.jpg

Bell and Matt Sweetman-Jones-95.jpg

Bell and Matt Sweetman-Jones-98.jpg