Family and newborn photography with William and Sarah Tietjens

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It was such a pleasure to head out to Sarah and Williams family home to do a wonderful on location family photography session. This time round we got to meet the newest arrival, Handsome Harry and what a darling little newborn baby he is too!

Sarah has been having photos with me since her second pregnancy with the beautiful Willow. From that day on our art works have taken pride of place throughout Sarah and Williams home. It really has been quite special creating gorgeous maternity, newborn and family portraits for such a wonderful family.

The benefit of keeping the same photographer for each family photography session is the trust built with one another. We learn to understand what families want from their photographic experience each time. Parents and children feel comfortable with us photographer's which makes taking photos so easy and never a hassle. If parents are after a particular style throughout their home, its nice for us to be able to maintain that continuity and style.

I've added a few of my fave photos here to show the difference time has on a family. Children grow up so quickly, this is why it's so special to be able to capture these family photos along the way.

Special family photo taken with Milk Photography Studio Auckland: Josh, William, Harry, Sarah and Willow x

One of my favourite pregnancy photos taken of the gorgeous Sarah when she was pregnant with Willow. So simple, but so stunning.

Including your children into maternity photos is a great way to show a gorgeous bond between mother and child. This also allows children to warm up to us photographer's. In this session Josh performed so well, I was able to form a trust that's meant he has been a dream to photograph ever since!

When working with toddlers you need to work quickly and almost turn the photography session into a game, getting down to a child's level is imperative to getting those winning photos. We'll work quickly to capture your gorgeous child or baby, then we'll move onto individual pregnancy photos. Sometimes it helps to have a nanny or family member at your photography session to take away your baby or toddler so we can spend quality time getting individual photos of you after they have had their photos.

Bellow is one of my favourite photos of all time. It's really hard to articulate why, but it's just so Josh and it highlights this gorgeous child's features so well. This photo was taken at our boutique photography studio located in Eden Terrace.

Nothing beats father son photos. I had actually put my camera down at this point as I had been taking so many photos, then this happened so I quickly put the lens back on and caught this gorgeous moment. Spontaneity and laughter are key components to make for a fabulous outcome. I also have a feather duster this works wonders to get any child laughing naturally and it works on parents too!

Darling little newborn Harry bellow in between feeds, we advise to take newborn photos within the first two weeks, this is when your baby is less alert and they will usually stay asleep for their entire newborn photography session.

This was little Willow just under two weeks, oh my, look how they change!!! I'm sure you can see how special it is to document your children and babies with photos often. These moments are so fleeting!

Willow, your eyes!! Again so simple but so beautiful, its those eyes!

Toddler and newborn photos would have to be the hardest photos to capture ever. As you can imagine for a toddler having a newborn in the family means having the attention taken off them. We have to work super hard but there's always two of us photographers to ensure we can get a heart warming photo of the siblings together no matter what happens.

Thanks again Sarah and William for allowing us to take photos of your babies and children every step of the way! We can't wait to see these photos up on your walls

Sarah x