Contemporary Family Portraits with the Knight Family

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Milk Photography Studio with Bex, Blair, Ollie and Emma Knight

Nothing makes us happier than capturing beautiful family photography, in the form of stylistic contemporary artwork that can be cherished and proudly displayed in your family home.

Having gorgeous Ollie, (to die for) and cheeky little Emma at Milk Photography Studio Auckland was was an absolute hoot, we’ve got the photos to prove it!

EDT Bex and Blair (56 of 65).jpg

There’s a lot to understand and get right with family portrait photography. Dealing with children and babies with different temperaments is a balancing act, we often need to work exceptionally fast so we don’t miss a shot we’re also known for the genuinely kind, loving way we have with little ones.

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We’re all about capturing those spontaneous special moments as that’s when family photography really shines. This can involve being a bit flexible with our approach, showing empathy and patience to bring out the best in each child.

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The process of capturing these beautiful moments begins well before we start photographing. Over several conversations with Bex I spent time getting to know her and the people she loves most. Before the kid's photoshoot we talked about the personalities of her children and the special connection she and Blair have with each child. It’s very important to us to understand the feelings she wanted to convey in the photographs, the style of artwork she loves and where it would be displayed in her family home.

EDT Bex and Blair (14 of 65).jpg

When families are specific with what they're after- it can be a great help, however we like to balance this with the importance of being open minded. We will likely capture something beyond what you are expecting! The Knight family shoot is a fantastic example of careful planning balanced with a large dose of spontaneity.

Enjoy these special family photos.

x Sarah

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