Auckland newborn photos with Milk Photography Studio Auckland

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What to expect with newborn photos at Milk Photography Studio Auckland

It’s always overwhelming the first few weeks of birth, sleep deprivation, crying baby, toddler on the go, the last thing you’ll be thinking about are newborn photos, right?

Let our award winning Auckland North shore baby photographers create some beautiful artwork for you to cherish forever.

Finding and entrusting a newborn photographer can be quite a daunting process, there’s a number of things to take into consideration when choosing one. Here are a few things to consider:

I would always take a look at their gallery of newborn and sibling photos as these are the most challenging shots that take a lot of skill. When dealing with a toddler and newborn you need to work methodically and quickly so you don’t miss the photo, having an assistant is essential.

Our expert team of Auckland baby portrait photographers will work their magic to have your baby asleep and your toddler looking and smiling nicely for their photos, (this takes patience)

To take the hassle out we advise to have your newborn photos booked well in advance with our Auckland newborn photographer so you’re prepared and organised and know exactly what to expect. Our beautiful photography studio is based on the North shore, however we travel Auckland wide and can photograph in your home too (speak to us about this first)

Having newborn photos is always best in the first 2 weeks, well that’s what they say anyway. However not every Mum is capable of moving or getting out of bed within the first 2 weeks. We advise this as it’s a lot easier with posing a newborn baby and they tend to be more sleepy for their photography session too. Our Northshore newborn photographers will be able to explain all this to you when you book.

For families that miss this timeframe that’s totally fine, I’ve managed to get gorgeous sleepy photos from 6-8 weeks, it’s all patience and dependant on the baby. (If a baby is premature then that window can open up a lot more.)

The reality is there’s never the right time to get photos, life gets in the way, we say as soon as you remember, just book it!

I love breast feeding photos, they can be such gorgeous photos, super special and intimate time between mother and baby.

Here are some newborn photos I took of Matilda at 4 weeks, black and white photos will always be a favourite of mine.

Macro shots are just divine also, don’t forget these, they can make up such a beautiful series of artwork.

Here are some newborn photos I took of Arabella taken in Holly and Petes Wellington home, Little Arabella was 2 weeks.

Things to keep in mind for your newborn session

-Book your newborn session well in advance to avoid disappointment

-Definitely get your hair and makeup done, this will make you feel glamorous and show in the photos.

-Keep your baby up at least 2 hours before you arrive, so we have a sleeping baby on arrival

-Dressing your newborn in loose clothes will help us with wrapping

-These sessions can take up to 2.5 hours + depending on how many people are in the photos, also if we’re having a hard time settling your baby, however most sessions are done within 1.5 hours.

-The room needs to be relatively warm, this is to keep your baby settled and asleep, so pack light clothes.

- A pacifier can be really handy if we’re having a hard time settling, if you have one please bring to the session, we also provide new ones. If you don’t plan on using a pacifier please be assured that babies don’t get attached to them after one session and they really do help calm a fussy baby.

-If older children or a toddler are in the session they will get quite restless which can disrupt the session, we advise a parent taking them away so we can get some solo newborn photos.

If your baby has a clogged tear duct, here’s what I recommend doing. Take a few drops of expressed breast milk and put on the eyelid, this helps to clean the eye. Breast milk is safe to go in the eyes and is anti-bacterial so also helps with infections. Once the milk has softened the discharge you can wipe it away gently. If your baby has this issue please try and bring some expressed milk for this purpose

Newborn babies tend to get pretty red and sore on their bottoms as they are not used to wearing nappies. Olive oil on their bottom before putting the nappy on can help alleviate this.