Q & A s

​Do you go on location?

We sure do, have a chat to us about a special place you'd like to go, we love farms and animals so happy to travel. Obviously we prefer studio, as we can control the light and Auckland weather.

Can we purchase the files?

We pride ourselves in the creation of beautiful artwork, however we understand some families are renovating or maybe moving overseas.

Purchasing files is an option and can also be complimentary with a purchase of a portrait box.

When you purchase artwork you will receive the matching digital file, great to share with other family members and online.

How long are the sessions?

It's kind of a case by case scenario, every age is different. Most of our sessions are finished in 30-45 minutes. There's no point overshooting otherwise it will make decision making very difficult.

Newborn can take up to 2.5 hours depending how old your newborn is, also how many family members are involved.

We like to let our sessions unfold naturally, if we're having a hard time and there might be a tantrum we make sure we have the full hour should we need more time. We understand that Dad has to get back to work, so if that's the case we'll get all his photos first with each child, then he can be on his way.

Do we get the same digital print of an image we have ordered?


My child tends to have the occasional tantrum, what if this happens?

We've got this sorted, just enjoy yourself. Our tickle stick and squeaky pig will solve even the most strong willed child. Trust us on these, we've experienced many!

My husband doesn't enjoy having his photo taken and is quite self conscious, how would you deal with this?

A lot of people don't like having their photo taken. Our sessions are quick and fun, we'll make sure he's smiling and feeling relaxed and that nothing appears too contrived. We are all about spontaneous photos.

How many images will I see at my design consultation?

About 20-30, any more and you will find things very difficult to choose.

​My baby has really bad eczema does this matter?

Send us a photo, we can retouch however if it's severe we recommend waiting to a later date.